Thursday, 21 July 2016

June Manga Haul

So I've recently started reading Manga and I'm loving it. It's such a unique reading experience with some amazing stories.

1. Is it Wrong to try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? Volume One

Bell Cranell has just become an adventurer, someone who fights monsters in a dungeon to help pay for his Familia. People that are loyal to one particular God or Goddess. Unfortunately he's the only person in his Familia and is infatuated with a girl he thinks he can never have.

2. Noragami Volume One

Yato is a God without a shrine or really any worshippers. To fix this he's set up a service to help the people that need it in exchange for a small fee that he hopes you use to build his own temple.

3. Noragami Stray Stories

Short stories set in the Norogami universe.

4. Blue Exorcist Volume One

This is one of my absolute favourite Animes. To fill in the wait for the next season I figured I'd give the manga a go. Rin was adopted at a young age along with his brother by a group of priests who moonlight as exorcists. Banishing evil from the world. Turns out Rin is half demon, the son of Satan and he's either going to be a help or a rather large hinderance.

5. Deadman Wonderland Volume One

After being framed for his classmates murder Ganta Igarashi has been sent to the bizarre prison/themepark Deadman Wonderland. The inmates of this hell hole fight on a daily basis for survival and to entertain the public.

6. Demon Love Spell Volume One

Miko is a shrine maiden thats no good at banishing spirits. Enter Kagura, a demon that lives off women's passion and love leaving many a heartbreak in his wake. Mike has managed to seal his power but now he's after her!

7. Black Bird Volume One

Misao Harada can see demons. She's been able to for as long as she could remember and wishes for a normal life. One where she ins't an outcast. The only person who ever treated her normally was Kyo, her childhood friend who left. Now she's in high school and he returns in the nick of time to save her from a demon. Someone who wanted to eat her to gain her power for their clan. Turns out Misao is the bride of prophecy, and demons either want to eat her or marry her. Did I mention Kyo is a demon too, only he wants to marry her...

8. Tokyo Ghoul Volume 2-7

My favourite manga/anime. Its amazing. In a freak turn of events Ken Kaneki has become a half ghoul. The organs of the one who tried to eat him and now keeping his body alive and are making him hunger for human flesh. Feeling like he has no place in the world he asks the Ghoul of Anteiku for help. Chaos ensues.

Did you pick up any manga this month?

Katie x

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