Thursday, 30 April 2015

Books Read in April

 1. Talon By Julie Kagawa
Quite simply, I loved this.
Anything that has dragons I tend to enjoy thoroughly and this was no exception. I adored the characters and the story moved with great pace. I think Ember and Cobalt are my favourite characters in this by far. Cobalt is very fiery. (Marvellous pun if I do say so myself) But seriously he is just so sassy! It's great. Ember has a real urge to live her life, her way and that's something I identify with massively. A great read!

2. Insatiable By Meg Cabot

I liked but did not love. 
I liked the characters but felt there were to many inaccuracies. A character so introverted like Meena would never meet and sleep with a man in the same night! It seemed to be a real vampire spoof if anything. Very mocking of the vampire genre, I mean revenant wrinkle cream? REALLY? 
Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading it and will be getting the sequel just to see what happens to the characters. 

3. Fated By Alyson Noel

There were a fair few mixed reviews for this book but after the initial slowness I really got into it. The next in the series is on my shelf TBR and the following two are definitely on my TBB (To be bought. See what I did there?) I preferred this type of story to the Evermore series which I felt got very monotonous and to be honest the last book seemed to be creating a story that I can only liken to attempting to get blood out of a stone. If those put you off Alyson's style place your faith in me. I really liked this. Buy it. 

4. Ultraviolet By R.J Anderson

Not what I expected at all! 
But loved it. 
There is a review that will soon follow so be on the lookout. 

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