Thursday, 9 April 2015

Review: Insatiable - Meg Cabot

Name: Insatiable
Author: Meg Cabot
Pages: 451
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Harper Voyager
ISBN: 978-0-00-7462124

Synopsis ** Taken from back of book**

"Meena Harper is familiar with the supernatural. After all, she knows how you're going to die. (Not that you'll believe her. No one ever does.)
But while she's always been able to see everyone else's destiny, she's never been able to look into her own. Maybe that's why when she meets Lucien Antonescu - a modern-day prince who also has no destiny that she can foresee - she's instantly attracted.

The trouble is, when an ancient society of vampire hunters shows up at Meena's door looking for Lucien, she's forced to face the truth: that her dream boyfriend might turn out to be more of a nightmare.

So now would be a good time for Meena to start learning to predict her own future... if she has one."

Firstly, the first one hundred pages are excruciatingly slow. I was half tempted to give up but in all honesty I'm glad I persisted. I like the concept of a human with the ability to know when people are going to die. It's not an unfamiliar one either - in a book called Numbers by Rachel Ward a girl can see how many days you have left. The book once it got going was enjoyable to read and I genuinely laughed at some points.

The reason for my rating is that, although I enjoyed it, there were factors that just didn't fit for me. I liked Meena's (nice ode to Dracula there) character but considering she warns people about death on a regular basis I find it hard to believe that she would go home with a guy she's only just met. Okay, he's a prince but still. Little bit reckless for a girl who's so concerned about protecting people. Again, I like Alaric (Vampire Diaries anyone?) in fact I think he's my favourite character but he's just burst into someone's home, is meant to be a bad-ass vampire hunter, but is happy enough to take a shower in their apartment whilst unbeknownst to him in the next room there's a vampire? Hard to believe that a trained vampire hunter wouldn't have heard anything...

In conclusion I did like the book and I plan on getting the next one called Overbite to find out what happens to the character.

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