Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Five Seven Five by C.E. Wilson

Name: Five Seven Five
Author: C.E. Wilson
Pages: 205
Format: E-Book
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Rating: 4/5

"When an accident threatens White Frost’s only chance of learning the truth about her rigid society, she knows that she has to take a risk. Putting her faith in someone she barely knows, White discovers a world above her own – and bigger than she could have ever imagined. It is in this strange new world that she finds out there is so much more to life than darkness and candlelight. There are colors and light that match the mysterious collections of words that have been tantalizing her for months. Blue skies that leak tears. Green grass that expands to a horizon she can’t comprehend. Everything she’s ever wanted is right in front of her, but at what cost? Nothing is free and she begins to realize too late that all information comes at a price."

**I received a free copy of this book in an exchange for an honest review**

This book was nothing like I expected. I was anticipating something like the Hunger Games or Divergent but what I read leant more towards R.J Anderson's Faery Rebels series.

I liked the plot, I felt it moved with a good consistent pace. I did have to take a moment to digest the truth about the Creators along with White, which is always a sign of a good book. I wasn't emotionally rung out by the end of the novel which I am very grateful for considering the turmoil I've been put through by books recently. (Red Rising, I'm pointing the finger at you. Review for that to some soon.) Five Seven Five was a really enjoyable and easy read. 

Can I say how much I love the title of the book and also the series? It's wonderfully ambiguous but when you read the book and have the 'lightbulb moment' it's lovely.  The boy with words kind of reminds me of the nickname Peeta gets in hunger games, boy with the bread. 

White. She's just so damn cool. I think she's a character that most people can relate to on some level which is great. She simply wants more out of life. To see a colour that isn't grey or black. A natural colour. And she just wants to eat mashed carrots though truthfully I prefer mine raw. I really like the name of the characters too. Shade, Salt, White. My favourite though has to be Kestrel. I probably profess my love for the names of characters in most reviews but I'm a sucker for a nice name. 

Overall, I'd highly recommend this for fans of the Faery Rebels, the Borrowers and to an extent the Hunger Games. 

Available for purchase on Amazon as an Ebook and Paperback.

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