Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Review: Snow like Ashes - Sara Raasch

Name: Snow like Ashes
Author: Sara Raasch
Pages: 416
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Balzer + Bray (An imprint of Harper Collins)
ISBN: 978-0-06-2286932
Rating: 4.5/5

Primoria is split into different Kingdoms known as the Seasons and the Rhythms. Within these Kingdoms is a magic controlled by a Conduit, an object owned by the ruler of that Kingdom. These conduits allow rulers to give strength to their people, make a harvest yield more, anything that will benefit their people. The Leader of Spring became power mad and virtually enslaved all the Winterians except for 25 that escaped the night he attacked. Now the number of these refugees had dwindled to a mere 8 that are still searching for both halves of the conduit they believe can restore their land and help them overthrow Spring.

Sara Raasch's writing is on par with Sarah J. Maas. Coming from me that is a compliment of the highest calibre. Her characters are wonderfully written, relatable and above all aren't perfect which I personally love. The world building is done very well, there's always a risk with the first book in a series that an information overload will occur but Raasch weaves in the details of Primoria almost imperceptibly.

The plot and ideas are glorious. The idea of a land split by the Seasons is something I can't recall seeing in YA or Fantasy before now. A very fresh idea. I will admit it took me a while to really knuckle down and read because I felt like the beginning was somewhat slow (The only reason this isn't 5/5) however I decided late on night to try and finish it. All the way through the novel there are hints about what occurs at the end (I won't say what it is cause spoilers) but that doesn't become apparent until the plot twist. I find plot twists somewhat cliche most of the time though I loved the way this one was done.

Meira. The kick-ass female that proves everyone wrong. The way she interacts with other characters is hilarious, she will not back down if she has a point or is she feels hard done too. Her friendship with Mather is adorable and as a reader I wanted them together as much as they wanted to get together. Mather reminds me of Cal from Red Queen. A future ruler who feels the weight of the world on their shoulders and wants nothing more than to remove the pressure.

I could go on and on about this novel but I'll be here for days.

I would highly recommend this to fans of the Throne of Glass series or Red Queen.

Have you read this?

Katie x


  1. I loved Snow Like Ashes so much!
    But I still haven't read Ice Like Fire...

    Anyway, great review! :)

    Gina @ A Thousand Books

  2. It's sitting on my shelf ready to read once I finish Golden Son.

    Aw, thank you!


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