Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Review: Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Name: Golden Son
Author: Pierce Brown
Pages: 442
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Del Ray Books (US)
ISBN: 978-1-444-75903-7
Rating: 5/5

I'm not going to give a synopsis of this as its the second instalment in the Red Rising Trilogy and I'd hate to spoil anything for you. Instead, I'll just begin my fangirling again. 

The character development in this instalment was brilliant, the situations they were put in really displayed their beliefs and morals. I adore the Telemanuses, Kavax is my favourite without a doubt. The inclusion of the jelly bean eating fox Sophocles showed how gentle these lumbering giants could be. I mean who wouldn't want a jelly bean eating fox? Sevro. How can I profess my love for him without sounding like a deranged lune? Simply, I can't. His undying loyalty is phenomenal. I like how to most he's just a foulmouthed Goblin that scratches his balls far more than is healthy but Darrow sees the wisdom in him, the emotion. I swear, if Pierce Brown pulls a George R R Martin and kills off most of the characters I love I will riot. 

I really want to know how Pierce manages to keep up with everything that is going on politically with this book. I have never seen so many switches of loyalty, so much back stabbing and plans within plans. Golden Son is the film Inception when it comes to layers. 

Plans within plans within plans within plans within plans. 

How can one person manage to create such complexity without going insane?!

I don't believe I mentioned the technology in my review of Red Rising so I will address that in this one. Son of a biscuit. It's so cool, I love the idea of gravBoots, Razors, pulseFists of all of it. Yet it isn't infallible making the world far more believable. 

The ending of this book left me in tatters. All of the happiness leached out of me leaving only a human husk. However, it was brilliant. So well done, even if I now want to curse the creator and have mild anxiety awaiting Morning Star. 

Have you read Golden Son?

Katie x

Now to fangirl. 




Servo knows. He knows Darrow is a Red but still loves him anyway. 

Fitchner is Ares. I love it. I love it all. It makes perfect sense now why he chose Darrow for House Mars. But the ending. Poor Fitchner. I cried sobbed. 

I can't deal with Mustang. She wanted to know what Darrow was hiding so he told her and showed her everything but she couldn't cope with it. 

Roque. Son of a bitch. I knew it. I bloodydamn knew it. 

I don't know how I'm going to cope with the two month wait. I really don't. 

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