Saturday, 6 June 2015

Author Spotlight - Joseph Delaney

Joseph Delaney is an English Science Fiction and Fantasy author that has produced one of, if not my very favourite Series of books.

The Wardstone Chronicles.

I can't recommend this series enough. At least once a week I tell my customers about it and they agree that it sounds great.

The series is in my opinion flawless. The world created is practically tangible, possibly as it is loosely based around Lancashire. Which is both Delaney's and my home county. There a subtle differences like Preston is referred to as Preisttown and Caster is Lancaster. The characters that Delaney has created are wonderful. I feel that throughout the series Tom and Alice have both grown up and developed their abilities. Although, not always in the most wholesome way. The strength the Tom gains contrasts John Gregory's (The Spook) decline as he obviously ages.

My only gripe is that The Wardstone Chronicles ended in 2013 and for a good while I wasn't entirely sure what to do with myself. It's like finishing a series on Netflix, the awful realisation hits of "Well now what?"

Enter: The Starblade Chronicles.
The first novel is A New Darkness.

This is Delaney's new series in which Tom is now the local Spook and takes on an apprentice of his own.
It is sat on my bookshelf and waiting to be read.

Blurbs: **Taken From the books** 

Spook's Apprentice: 
"For years, the local Spook has been keeping the County safe from evil. Now his time is coming to an end, but who will take over?

Many apprentices have tried... Some floundered, some fled, some failed to stay alive. Just one boy is left. Thomas Ward. He is the last hope.

But does he stand a chance against Mother Malkin, the most dangerous witch in the Count?"

A New Darkness
"They are found dead in their beds, covered in blood, with a look of pure horror on their faces. Worse still, their ghosts are left to walk the earth, just waiting for someone to hear the horror that has befallen them.
Thomas Ward is the local Spook - it's his job to protect the County from things that go bump in the night. But this is no ordinary haunting, and he finds himself on the path of a dangerous beast that is looking to kill again.
He soon realizes that this beast is just the beginning. An army of monsters is massing in the north, and it poses a threat to all mankind"

Wardstone Chronicles

  • Spook's Apprentice 
  • Spook's Curse
  • Spook's Secret
  • Spook's Battle
  • Spook's Mistake
  • Spook's Sacrifice 
  • Spook's Nightmare
  • Spook's Destiny 
  • I am Grimalkin (Novella)
  • Spook's Blood
  • Slither's Tale
  • Alice 
The Wardstone Chronciles currently has it's first film in cinemas. Seventh son. Go watch it!
Book vs. Film soon to follow!

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