Thursday, 29 October 2015

October Book Haul

October was an excellent month for books both buying and reading!

1. Pandemonium and Requiem by Lauren Oliver.

These are books two and three of the Delirium trilogy. Honestly, it's been a good long while since I read Delirium, so I think I'm going to have to marathon the trilogy. The basic plot is that love is viewed as a curse that drove people mad, both when they did and didn't have it. At the age of eighteen everyone gets 'the cure', essentially a lobotomy that rids the brain of love. Lena is highly excited about getting this cure but then as always a guy gets involved and **** hits the fan.

2. Lirael and Abhorsen by Garth Nix.

The second and third book in the Old Kingdom trilogy, the first being Sabriel. A fantasy world in which two types of magic exist, Charter and Free magic. Sabriel has lived outside the Wall of the Old Kingdom hiding away from the power of Free magic. Now, going on a Finding Nemo-like quest she needs to find her father and to do so much venture back into the Old Kingdom to find him.

3. Golden Son by Pierce Brown.

Second book in the Red Rising Trilogy. Reds as the workers and Golds are the nobility. For years the Reds have been hoodwinked in to believing that they are helping the people of Earth. The main character uncovers this all as a lie when he discovers that Mars has been habitable for generations.
(Sidenote: This author's instagram feed is brilliant. I completely concur with Tashopolis here.)

4. Souless by Gail Carriger.

I know nothing about this book and series. I was told by a friend, whose opinion has never led me astray before, that I would love it, so I trusted her. She said steampunk and parasols, I was in. There are vampires, werewolves and a girl named Alexia with a soulless ability. Colour me intrigued.

5. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir.

After hearing endless raves from BookTuber's I saw the beautiful hardback edition and just had to get it. Laia is a Scholar, a slave under the rule of the Empire. In order to enslave these Scholars an elite group of soldiers known as the Masks must help. Elias is one of the Masks. But when Elias and Laia meet they work together and yet again **** hits the fan. There is a running theme of guys getting involved and the proverbial **** hitting the fan, coincidence? There is a wonderful quote on the back of the novel "Life is made of so many moments that means nothing. Then one day a single moment comes along to define every second that comes after."

6. Outcast Volume One by Robert Kirkman & Paul Azaceta.

Another horror comic! Kyle has been plagued with demonic possession and now he wants answers. I get a supernatural vibe from this synopsis given the who demon thing.

7. Rat Queens Volume Two by Kurtis J. Wiebe & Roc Upchuch & Stjepan Sejic.

The Rat Queens are a group of Mercenaries that are sent on varying missions. They drink copious amounts, get up to amorous activities and basically kick ass.

8. Saga Volume Five by Fiona Staples & Brian K. Vaughn.

Alana and Marko are husband and wife on the run from their respective authorities after ditching their posts and literally sleeping with the enemy. Their daughter Hazel, is at the centre of it all and it narrating what went on. Basically, this is one of my favourite graphic novel series. So dang cool.

9. Ready, Set, Novel!

So to speak this isn't a book but I thought I'd include it anyway. This is a journal to aid writers in creating a novel. It comes from the people who created NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and contains activities, ideas and all sorts to aid the budding author.

What books did you get this month?

Katie x


  1. I've loved Garth Nix for a very long time! I've also got Souless from my library and bought Ember in the Ashes and Lirael, but have not read any of them yet. I'm not sure if you like Sci-fi, or if you may have already read this book, (I'm still new to your blog), but I **highly** recommend Illuminae. It so so good!

  2. I've heard wonderful things about Illuminae but haven't yet read it. I want to though!

    1. I'm telling everyone who will listen about how good it is. Haha. All the praise it's receiving is well deserved.


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