Thursday, 26 May 2016

Review: Dreamland by Robert L. Anderson

Name: Dreamland
Author: Robert L. Anderson
Pages: 3332
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hodder
ISBN: 978-1-473-62099-5
Rating: 4/5

Dea has been able to travel through peoples dreams since she was six. There are a few rules that must be obeyed when traveling through dreams, for example never visit the same person twice. Then Connor appears, a guy that makes her feel normal. One by one she starts breaking the rules her mother set out and the lines between the worlds begin to blur.

The main reason this didn't get 5/5 is because of the ending. After all the work and trials Dea had gone through to avoid something she completely flipped and voluntarily went for this option. I was not okay with the ending but everything that came before that was great!

 I loved how the dreamland was described. In fact I loved the majority of the writing in this novel.

Dea and Connors relationship was adorable. I didn't initially like Dea's mother, she was god awfully irritating. Distant when Dea needed her and then overbearing and controlling at other points. I was not a fan. But reading on you understand why she's like that.

The story was really interesting, I've not read many books based around dreams so this was a new venture for me. I also like how they weaved in a little look at mental illnesses, though it wasn't a focal point it was a nice touch.

Overall I enjoyed this. I just wish the ending wasn't such a cop out.

Katie x

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